Oakland Gutter Cleaning - Ever see stagnant water sitting for a long period of time? What happens to it? It becomes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Now toss in twigs, dirt, dead insects and leaves into the mix and you can see what can happen when a gutter system clogs up. Left unchecked, this unwanted debris can lead to a nightmarish hell of problems for your home – your No. 1 investment.  With Gorilla Gutters, you have a proven, local gutter company that specializes in cleaning your Oakland gutter system to ensure your home’s protection.

Berkeley Gutter Repair – Don’t “monkey around” with your Berkeley gutters. If they’re leaking or in need of repair, give us a call. Believe us when we say a broken gutter system is something that you should have fixed ASAP.

Seamless Gutters – Send water where it was intended to go with our hassle-free seamless technology. With our state-of-the-art designs water is channeled exactly where it was intended to go: down the downspouts and away from your home’s exterior walls and foundation!  Installing a gutter system without seams not only lasts longer it safeguards your home from a number of serious issues that outdated gutter systems won’t. Call us today!

Rain Gutter Tune Ups – Just as exterior paint protects the wood on your home from the elements your gutters protect it as well. Homes without a viable gutter system in place are susceptible to a number of problems – from roof leaks and wall warping to even foundation cracks.  Gutter system neglect leads to a number of problems, which is why we highly recommend that you have your home’s gutters regularly checked by a licensed professional.  Call us today and we’ll give your home’s gutter system a comprehensive tune-up that includes up-close inspection that includes thoroughly examining your overall system for leaks, clogs and joint separation, as well as the integrity of all fasteners and hardware required to keep your system functioning at an optimum level.

Welcome Oakland and Berkeley homeowners!

You’ve come to the right place for every gutter system need under the sun! From gutter cleaning and general maintenance work to extensive  gutter repairs and complete new installations, Gorilla Gutters has you covered!

In fact, we’ve been operating in your neck of the woods for more than a decade now. During our time servicing the Oakland area, we’ve build a number or strong relationships with members of your community. We’re talking about people just like you, who seek a local, trustworthy, licensed professional company with a reputation for having a relentless commitment to customer service.

So whether your gutters are clogged up with unwanted debris, leaking at the seams or in need of major repair, we ask that you call on Gorilla – “The King Kong of Gutter Service” – for all your Oakland gutter needs.

Doing so, will keep your home happy and safe by keeping rainwater away from the areas of your home where water could cause a great deal of damage.

So call on the big Gorilla today and discover why Berkeley residents are “going ape” over our services.